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    Customer discount (10%)

    Change in the bonus programm

    To our dear customers,

    First things first, we would like to thank you all for your continued loyalty in the past years as well as our extensive ultilisation of our bonus programme. We are happy to announce that you will be able to continue purchasing your favourite nutrition supllements on our new website, which will be launched on Octobre 11th 2020 and provides a variety of upgrades improving usability and enhancing your shopping expierience. Nontheless, there will be some changes regarding our bonus programme wich we would like to explain in the following.

    Abolition of the bonus programme & compensation

    • We are giving you a 5% discount on the entire range on our new website until 31.12.2020
    • You can expect many discount campaigns on specific products, categories or themes
    • You will of course be compensated for the bonus points you have collected

    What happens to my old bonus points?

    • No new bonus points can be generated after 11.09.2020
    • Until 01.10.2020 you can redeem your bonus points as usual
    • To make the transition to our website even easier for you, we will send you an individual voucher code for all unredeemed bonus points
    • We round up for the voucher codes always in 5 Euro steps. Here is an example table: 

    Bonus point overview

    Click my account and go to the tab "REWARDED POINTS" to see your amount of bonus points.

    Please note that points will only be credited and displayed after expiry of the withdrawal period. This can take up to 3 weeks.

    Redeem points

    You can redeem your bonus point at step 4 of the Checkout at PAYMENT METHOD.

    Rules - bonus points for your purchase

    1. Participation is voluntary.

    2. To participate, you need to be a registered customer (register now).

    3. Participation is only possible as end customer (B2C) and does not apply to other businesses (B2B).

    4. Due to your 14-day withdrawal right, the bonus points will only be credited after expiry of this period.

    5. If you use your right of withdrawal in whole or in part, the bonus points will be adjusted accordingly.

    6. You can redeem your bonus points as of your second order.

    7. In the case of misuse of individual persons, we reserve the right to delete the points and to block further participation.

    8. The bonus points are a shopping discount. A claim for payout does not exist.

    9. The bonus points expire after 6 months. Four weeks before, you will receive a reminder email.

    10. We reserve the right to change or modify the rules and conditions.

    ** the points are calculated on the total amount of the ordered goods minus bonus credits used and are rounded down. For shipping or other fees no points will be awarded.